Restore The Center
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A group of concerned citizens, including past and present legislators is deeply concerned that our legislative system of governance is broken and no longer serving the public interest. The two party system, increasingly controlled and propelled by extreme views has made in virtually impossible to find consensus and compromise on even the most important issues.  Legislators with moderate views, who are essential to keeping the legislative process functioning and honest have either been driven from the parties, or so marginalized as to be ineffective.

For this reason, we have formed an initiative called "Restore the Center", to identify and promote candidates that are willing to pledge represent the interests of their constituents above the interests of"party" or special interests.

We are party neutral. We will support, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, so long as they can demonstrate a commitment to our principles and a history of service to the public.

If you are interested in restoring good governance and a tradition of civility, public discourse and independent decision making, we will assist you in the process.

If you are registered as a Republican or Democrat and wish to run within the party, you need only sign a declaration of candidacy at the town or city hall on or before the required filing date to place your name on the party primary ballot.

If you are unregistered or registered as undeclared, and wish to run within an approved party, you need to first register to vote, prove your residency, and then declare party affiliation before declaring your candidacy.

If you are registered to vote and chose to run as an independent, then you must file for an "independent candidacy" by the filing date. Then you must obtain the signature (on an approved affidavit)of 150 or more residents in your district who support putting your name on the November ballot. These signatures must then be presented to the town or city registrar by August XX, 2012.

We are here to counsel and assist you. We will provide education and advice on how to run a campaign, enlist support, raise funds, develop public awareness, use media and advertising and contact voters.

You must commit to investing time and resources into your candidacy, developing a campaign, putting together a team, and meeting voters. You must be fully committed to the process or you will not win.

Should you wish to proceed and ask for our support, you must read our statement of principles and signed the attached affidavit. We stand ready to work with you and for you to restore our legislature to an institution that works for the people.

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Restore The Center

Statement of Purpose and Organizing Principles


For government to function in the interests of the people, elected officials must be committed to listening to all viewpoints, synthesizing conflicting opinions and encouraging compromise. Candidates seeking our endorsement shall be asked to commit to the following basic principles:

1. Respect the opinion of others and the interests of minorities

2. Represent the interests of constituents over "party" doctrine (ideology)

3. Encourage respectful discourse and social tolerance

4. Strive for consensus, compromise, collaboration and effective problem solving

5. Promote fact based decision making over political (party) dogma

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